Under Construction!

This blog is going under construction, the new look should be up today, or tomorrow


Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, my friends and followers 🙂

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it has just been terrible weather for a shoot. I am planning on doing one soon for the beginning of May, and to celebrate the warm spell we have at the moment.

I have been getting interested in hairstyles lately, so keep an eye out for cute styles, and request ones that I should do on Eva for a shoot!


Date of Posts

I would like to let you know, that the dates of the posts are not right at the moment. It keeps on saying it is a day ahead then it actually is.


Just Some Info

I will most likely be posting some of my older photoshoots in order, so that they are on here. When you look at April 2013 you will most likely not get only April 2013, and Christmas, Winter, Spring and Easter as well. I have only done one April photoshoot! When April is over you can expect to see more organization. Sorry if there is any confusion!



Welcome to Kaia Willis Photography! I am a young girl (13 :)) who love taking pictures as well as writing and gymnastics!

I hope you enjoy my pictures!